Animal Cruelty Is On The Rise

We are deeply concerned about the recent surge in animal cruelty cases, particularly those involving cats!

The RSPCA has recently issued a warning, highlighting the increase in incidents of intentional harm towards animals. One distressing example is Benny, a cat who endured multiple surgeries after suffering from the unimaginable cruelty of having boiling water poured on his head. Despite the immense suffering, Benny showed incredible resilience and survived after undergoing six operations!

Benny before his operations

The statistics for 2022 are alarming, with a 25% increase in intentional harm incidents against cats, resulting in five cats being intentionally harmed every day in the UK. Sadly, the violence is not limited to cats alone; there has been a dramatic overall increase in cruelty cases, as evident from the reported figures:

  • Reports of beatings rose by 22%, from 7,857 in 2021 to a staggering 9,658 in 2022.
  • During the summer months, incidents reached a peak, with August of 2022 recording 1,081 cases of animal cruelty in a single month!
  • Animals killed under suspicious circumstances also saw an increase, with the number rising from 775 in 2021 to 891 in 2022.

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for the increase, several factors may be contributing to it. One possible cause is the rise in pet ownership during the pandemic. Additionally, the ongoing cost of living crisis and a lack of regulations surrounding pet ownership requirements, such as mandatory training, may also be contributing factors.

However, none of these reasons can justify or excuse animal cruelty. Hurting an animal for fun, out of stress, or for any other reason is a criminal act and deserves severe punishment.

The increase in animal cruelty also poses significant challenges for animal rescues like us too, as more animals are left in our care. The rising number of unwanted pets and the increasing cost of their care put a huge strain on our resources and capabilities.

We encourage everyone who can to support and donate to animal charities. By doing so, you can help us and other organisations continue our efforts to provide a safe haven and loving care for animals in need.

If you wish to learn more about the RSPCA report, you can click HERE.

To report any instances of cruelty or neglect, please click HERE.

Together, we can make a difference and work towards a more compassionate and caring world for all animals.

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