All We Want For Christmas Is...

A loving forever home, or a Christmas dinner to enjoy in our pen!

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Dave will be lonely this Christmas

Many of you will be planning where to spend your Christmas day or even who you will be spending it with this year, but for us, we don’t have an option.


We’ve been dealt a bad set of cards and just really hope for a home of our own. We don’t even care about Christmas much if we can’t have that.


It’d be nice to see the staff here on Christmas day as always, and hopefully with a special Christmas dinner, but that won’t beat being in a home of our own, loved and getting fusses from our own family.


We try to stay positive but sometimes it’s really hard, especially at this time of year, when you will be spending lots of quality time with loved ones. This is all we wish for, but it’s starting to feel just like a never ending dream of ours.


Will you make our Christmas special this year?

We Hope This Will Be Our Last Lonely Christmas

Will You Make Our Christmas Special?

All we want is to be loved in a home of our own in front of the fire, all happy and content!

Will You Buy Us A Christmas Dinner?