I have 3 one hour long physiotherapy sessions every week. The sessions help my coordination and without them I tend to …………


My medication treats my skin and reduces the pain and itchiness. I also have medication because my mobility problems may be caused by a neurological condition.


"...Bella still struggles with her coordination and will be on medication for the rest of her life"

Sometimes, dogs pay the highest price for greedy people. Sweet 10-year-old Bella has been used as a breeding machine her whole life and has been grossly neglected.

Her skin is covered with mites, so her entire body is red raw (see photos below). In pain from her hips and possibly her spine, she is struggling to walk straight and also suffers from a mouth of broken teeth. She has lived her life in so much pain, and yet, Bella is still such a gentle and trusting old girl.

After a week in our care, sweet Bella was slowly recovering from her awful past life. She had regular medicated baths to help soothe her terribly sore and itchy skin, along with medication and a healthy diet.

But, sadly, it became more apparent to us that her back legs/spine were causing her mobility issues and we worried that she may have neurological issues affecting her coordination too.

Happily, Bella has now found a foster home and all being well, Bella will be staying with her new foster mum long-term for palliative care. As you can see from the photo of her on the lawn, her skin is looking so much better and she is making huge improvements with her physiotherapy, but Bella still struggles with her coordination and will be on medication for the rest of her life – funded by Rain Rescue.

What are the costs of my medication for life?

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