Alright? Crookes here, Describe myself in three words… Friendly, handsome, chatterbox! It didn’t take me long to settle into my foster home, my hobbies here include spending time with the family and eating, I like my food, I won’t let you miss meal times that’s for sure! I have a very loud voice, I will […]


Onyx here, Hi, I’m such a sweet gentleman and very much loved here by all, I like to know what you are up to and will follow you from room to room keeping you company as you go about your day, I’m often found in high spots where I can observe the world and all […]


Cassie’s Story  Welcome, Cassie here,   I’m a very shy, quiet girl, I’m no problem honest!  I’m very clean in my pen, I’m the perfect house guest,   I will need some time and patience and licky lix,   I come to the front of my pen when other cats are out and about, I may need a friendly confident […]


Bobby’s Story  Alright? Bobby here,  Big handsome man here,  I’m a playful chap once I’m settled, a fan of feathers and chasing things,  I’m a big lad I like my food and treats, I will be your best friend for dreamies!   I like to spend time in the outdoor catio here, I’m not fussed abut my feline neighbours so I […]


Rosie’s Story Welcome, I’m Rosie I was unfortunately left behind when my owners left, but some kind people helped me and kept me safe until I came here. When I arrived I was very confused and scared but I have settled in now. Now I have calmed down I have made friends with everyone here […]


Millie’s Story Hi I’m Millie, Or Lady M for my new owner, I’m a sophisticated classy lady with a beautiful black shiny coat and striking eyes, I’m playful yet loving and trusting girl and I will come and nudge your hand when I’m in the mood for a stroke, I was a little nervous when […]

Lucy – Lou

Lucy – Lou’s Story Pleased to meet you, I’m Lucy- Lou, Not another black cat you say, but please give us a chance! I’m on the hunt for a new home, one with a lovely back garden I can spend my time in, I’ve been chatting to the birds out of my foster home window […]


Maeve’s Story Good morning / afternoon / evening, Maeve here, I’m an affectionate lady, friendly and polite, manners cost nothing, I’m a clean and tidy girl, I will make the perfect housemate, I am often found snoozing in my bed, but if you come to see me I’m up straight away for some fuss, I […]