cat adoption

Our 5* Adoption process helps match cats and kittens into the right new home.  Viewings are by appointment so you have time to meet your new friend usually on site in our Catio. 


You can help to ensure that your match is successful by carefully considering the responsibility you will be taking on. It’s vital that everybody living in your home also understands and approves of the adoption prior to enquiring.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to adopt, please visit our ‘Meet the Cats’ web page. Select a cat you are interested in and complete our online enquiry form.

We will ask that you also send an email to with photos of your home and garden (including all perimeter fencing) and where you plan for your new cat to live and sleep. Cats will need some where that they can call their own. Even if they eventually choose to lay on the sofa (if you don’t mind that.) They really do appreciate their own bed and space.

Following this, one of our team will be in contact via phone or email within 2-3 days to discuss things in more detail.

Match & Meet

We will assess your suitability with your chosen cat to be confident that you are the ideal match for each other. If we decide together that another cat may be more suitable, then we can introduce you to the other cats currently available, or update you on future arrivals for you to consider. 


An appointment can then be scheduled at the rescue centre for you to meet and collect your new cat.


Now for the final, magical step of officially confirming your cat’s adoption! We will ask you to sign an Adoption Agreement and pay an adoption fee (amount specified on each cat’s website profile.) We’ll make sure you have all the information and advice you need for when you first welcome your cat home, and we’ll be in touch in the coming days and weeks to ask how things are going. We’d love for you to please keep in touch with us and to reach out if you need any help or advice. We are invested in the success of your adoption and promise to do all we can to help make it work.




Although you will be responsible for the wellbeing of your new companion after adoption, a Rain Rescue animal will always be a Rain Rescue animal, so we’re here if you need us. We have lots of advice on our website, and you can also call our team on 01709 247 777 (between 11am-3pm) or email for further support.


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