Covid-19 diary entry

I feel I’m going to start acting like a cat!

So it’s now what feels like day 382 million of lockdown at the centre. We can’t rehome the cats and dogs in our care; we can’t take any new ones in. Almost all of our interactions with the public stopped overnight which feels very strange. 

I don’t think I ever truly realised just how much of my job is customer facing and helping people, not just the animals. You don’t realise that until contact with people has been restricted so much. It feels a bit like the rug has been totally pulled from under your feet.

Obviously there are the main frustrations… not being able to rehome, when we have so many lovely people applying to adopt. It’s really tough not to be able to arrange that viewing, knowing that cat or dog could be in a good home. The frustration of not being able to take animals in knowing that we are now into kitten season, I’m constantly wondering what will happen when we do get that first call to say there is a mum and kittens needing our help. 

I have lots of ideas that I really want to start working on for the benefit of the rescue centre, but with the lockdown in place I can’t begin to start to implement them, so you are just planning for ”at some point’’, which is very vague.

The loss of the sense of ‘camaraderie’ from sharing an office is hard. Being able to share the different emotions and the day-to-day highs and lows that inevitably come with rescue. I miss the offer of a brew, or sharing random facts and information, achievements and chair dancing!

As a team we still keep in contact over the phone, message and the odd video catch up, but it’s not the same. Trying to stick together when everyone is understandably under pressure and fraught can be tough.

I miss not being able to pop and ask someone a question or discuss something. I’m missing our team of incredible volunteers who are not able to get in, and I feel terribly guilty for my work colleagues that have had to be furloughed. 

The site is eerily quiet, more so now than ever with the furlough in place. Paranoia can set in with the cleaning, and then you start to think about how to clean the cleaning products haha!

On the plus side, I spend lots of time with the cats and dogs on site; I feel I’m going to start acting like a cat! They are my work pals, they have absolutely no idea what Covid-19 is and the impact it’s having on the world. They don’t love spending time in kennels and cat pens but they carry on learning, training and building their strength ready for when their adoption date finally does come. 

Please everyone stay home, stay safe and hopefully together we will beat this, then the hard loss of normality will be over soon.

Vykki & Biddy the cat ???? x

p.s. Biddy asks if you’ve seen the virtual gifts and wishlist that she set up, with her cat and dog friends currently in foster and on site… apparently they can never have enough treats ????


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