Unfortunately we will never stop needing your help, any amount you can donate, no matter the size, will help ensure that we are still here for the many abandoned and homeless animals in our region. We fear the full impact of this Covid crisis on animal welfare is yet to come.

We have followed the rules. We stopped all events, we stopped adoptions for a while, we furloughed staff, we have heartbreakingly had to make staff redundant, we’re operating on the minimum that we can, so the new job support scheme won’t help us. We have followed the rules from day one and we will continue to follow the rules as South Yorkshire now moves to Tier 3 from Saturday 24 October.

Today we sat and looked at what impact Tier 3 will have for RAIN, for our animals, for our staff, for our volunteers, for our potential adopters and for our supporters. We do all this with heavy hearts knowing that there is still no further government support for animal rescue.

Our survival plan is constantly challenged but WE MUST SURVIVE, for the animals we have helped so far and for the animals that will need us so much in the future, they will always be our priority. With effect from Saturday 24 October, Tier 3 restrictions mean we are left with no other option but to introduce the following changes:

All adoptions will be restricted to within the South Yorkshire region. This will have a huge impact for us as being able to work across England means we have all the best options to find the right home for our animals, so they can live their best lives. Recent adoptions have been from fabulous families in Newcastle, London and Lincolnshire to name a few.

Initial viewing of animals will be conducted via video link. Another huge impact for RAIN as that first personal meeting is so important to building a connection between animal and adopter. We will never discriminate against age but technology often poses a problem for our older adopters. We will do all we can to help work around this.

We will continue to rescue the most vulnerable and at risk cats and dogs within our region, we will not turn our backs. Everything we do will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as we must ensure the safety of our welfare team against Covid.

Volunteers will have access to the site, we literally cannot do what we do without them, but access will be to the needs that day. Strict social distancing will be in place to keep all of our volunteers safe.

No unplanned visitors will be permitted on site. Deliveries of donations and goods are to be notified to us in advance please.

We thank you all so much for your patience, your understanding and your support through these constantly challenging times.

Please stay safe, follow the guidelines and look after each other.

Team Rain ???? x

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When you buy an item from the Rain Rescue Wish list it will be delivered directly to the rescue centre for the cats and dogs in our care. Pick from toys, treats, food, litter, bedding, cleaning supplies and other useful items. It’s a great way to donate, thank you.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another we are in need of. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest.

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