COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

COVID – 19 UPDATE 20/4/20

Morning everyone,

I hope everyone is well and staying safe. I just wanted to give you all an update on what’s what at Rain Rescue. As you know being open and honest with our supporters is so important to us.

As Jacquie mentioned in her last update to you all Rain Rescue was already struggling financially before COVID-19 and we were worried about the future but now with this, it is obviously so much worse. Initial responses to our appeals have been wonderful (THANK YOU!) and have took a bit of pressure off the immediate but we have to look medium / long term and that is where the worry is as no one knows at the minute what that looks like. 

In the hope that we can survive through this pandemic, as you know a couple of weeks ago we took the difficult decision to furlough some of our team. In addition as of today 2 more of the team will also be furloughed and the furlough extended for the original three staff members. This leaves myself, Vykki and Sarah holding the fort, with the support of our wonderful volunteers and trustees.

Although it is a very strange feeling for sure, with our strength as a team and support of each other and our mutual cause I know we can get through this.

As COVID-19 hit we made adjustments to how we carried out our intake and adoptions. Finally on 24th March 2020 we decided to close completely for intake / adoption to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and the public.

Since then it’s been a constant thought of how we can ensure that should these restrictions remain in place for sometime that we would need to find a safe and responsible way to work through this. We’ve been working both as a team and with others in the animal welfare sector to develop procedures that may allow us to take in, foster and adopt SOME of our animals. Guidance from the Canine and Feline Sector Group and Association of Dogs & Cats Homes that came out at the end of last week also supports this.

I stress SOME animals as it will not be business as usual by any standards. Of course social distancing applies in every scenario and there are restrictions in place that mean the process we have to follow will not be suited to every animal or every potential adoptive / foster home, BUT where we can we want to be able to help those animals who find themselves in true emergencies with no where else to turn who without rescue may face the worst outcome. We also want to make sure we are not holding animals back from their new lives unnecessarily. Again I stress only possible in some instances. We will provide a more specific update when the things are nailed down, hopefully later this week. In these strange times we must adapt and flex if we want to achieve. In the mean time please be patient with us, as I say there are just a few of us now dealing with many pressures, if you’ve enquired with us we will come back to you in due course.


To end this unintentionally long update (any one sussed I’m bad at summarising yet?!) … I just want to thank every single one of you for having our backs, but mostly for continuing your support for the animals in our care. It may feel “quiet” but there are still 32 cats and dogs in our care right now that are relying on us and many many more of the future.

Stay safe, stay home and keep supporting animal welfare ????

Very best of wishes, Lauren
Deputy Charity Manager

P.S Had lots of messages asking how people can set up a monthly donation. Firstly WOW you are amazing … Second it’s super easy to do it on our website – THANK YOU. (Really can’t say that word enough!)