Dog adoption FAQ.

Can I come and look at your animals?

During normal operation, we would discuss your requirements with you and if we have a cat at the centre we think would be a suitable match you and your family can come and view. However, due to COVID restrictions, the public are not allowed to come onto the site for viewings.  You are now allowed to come and collect your new friend but sadly not able to spend time here at the centre with them. We know this is a very strange way of you meeting your cat for the first time, but this is why our discussions are so vitally important to make sure that hopefully we find the right cat for you but also the right home for the cat looking for a home. It is very distressing for a cat to be returned to the centre and distressing for you to have to return it too. So we want to make sure we get it right first time.

Our cattery is not open for general public viewing as it is not in the best interest of the cats to be on show to strangers.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Our adoption fees vary depending on the individual animal. Generally dogs have an adoption fee of between £250 and £350 Cat adoption fees are usually £100. Kittens have an adoption fee of £150. Some will be higher and some lower prices but it will always be shown on the animals profile on the website.

On average, the cost of the neuter, double vaccination, health check, flea, worm, any medical treatments they need will have cost the charity much more than the adoption fee and those with higher fees will subsidise those that need more help to be adoptable.

Can I reserve an animal?

You can’t reserve an animal before you’ve met them. Upon meeting if it is agreed with the welfare team that a second  viewing is advisable we may allow a dog or cat to be reserved until the following Saturday for a non refundable fee of £25. We reserve the right to not place a reserve on animals with multiple interests.

How long does the adoption process take?

This is very much dependant on the individual circumstances of the adopter and the animal they are interested in. In some circumstances, after all the matching discussions have taken place, you can have your dog or cat home that day if you are well prepared to receive it. We do ask that you are well prepared to receive your new pet, and ensure you update us about any future changes that could affect them and then you may be best to delay your adoption until the home is once more settled.

Also, if you can’t get to view or meet or accept your new pet until some days ahead, they are still available for adoption to others, and so we advise you to contact the centre to make sure all is well prior to your appointment if its a few days ahead. We will always try to keep you updated though as best we can.

I don’t live near you, can I still adopt from Rain Rescue?

Absolutely, we have adopted cats and dogs all across the UK. As long as you are willing to travel to the centre to meet animal as many times as the necessary process takes. This is also why its so important to provide us with your proof of address, photos of inside and outside of the home, any veterinary reference you can send helps. We need to ensure that the animal we are homing will go to the right new home. It is heart-breaking to us to think we haven’t done that, and so we do our preparation work with you beforehand.

I have completed an enquiry form but no one has got back to me?

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours. If you have not had a response to your enquiry please email or to ensure your form has been received.