Hector finds his crew

At last, a happy ending for our boy Hector!

Some of you may know his story already but if not please read on, because what a story he has.

Hector was a repeat stray, found roaming the streets of Rotherham many, many times. On one of these occasions he was unclaimed and left with no other option but to begin waiting. The days turned into weeks and the weeks to months, and still no one came, but he could do nothing but wait. Then one day, many months later, along came our Vykki who brought him to Rain Rescue…and that’s when Hectors story takes a happier turn.

When he came into our fold we realised quickly that he was quite a poorly boy, suffering with horrendous diarrhoea that just wouldn’t pass – he was thin and in need of nourishment. We knew we had to get to the bottom (literally) of his troubles, so he was off to the vets where we hoped to get some answers for him.

After many tests and attempts to get a very poorly tum better, his results came back and showed that Hector had Giardia; a nasty parasite that lives in the gut. It was this that was stopping him absorb the nutrients in his food and causing explosive diarrhoea several times a day. The poor boy must have been so uncomfortable.

Once we knew the problem we could start to treat it and finally Hector would have some relief. In total it cost over £300, a special sensitive diet and an extra dose of love to treat Hector. But it worked! In time he gained over 7.5kg making him much happier and healthier.

On top of his tummy troubles Hector also struggled with life in kennels, displaying some behavioural quirks. With advice and training tips from Victoria Cooper and Kerri Ann, our amazing Welfare Team and volunteers could guide him through this too – meaning that as he recovered he had coping mechanisms for kennels which would also prepare him for his new home.

And so, after 45 days with Rain Rescue, Hectors new family came to get him…

When Hector met his new parents AND SIBLINGS they instantly clicked, it was as if Hector himself was saying ‘yeah this is where I belong!’

We’ve checked in after the first couple of days and quote ‘He’s the best behaved dog I have!’ – a wonderful update and such an amazing outcome for a special dog.

Be good Hector, it’s been a pleasure to care for you and help you find a happy new life!

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