Hi I’m Lux

Lux is a special cat who sadly is often overlooked, in fact, she has just reached her 1 year anniversary in rescue (an anniversary we so hope our cats and dogs never reach). To mark the occasion and find her a family of her own, we thought it could help to share a story from Lux herself….

I’m 12 years young and have been searching for a family for 387 days, which feels like furrr-ever!

I’m very fortunate to have a lovely foster home at the moment but keep hearing from my friends at the rescue that there are so many of us who need to be fostered, surely it’s my turn to go home so my foster family can help another like me?  I remember what it was like to be all alone and I’m really glad I have my fosterers now, but do so wish for a family of my own.

I’m really healthy apart from this thyroid thing but I have my meds so you wouldn’t know there’s anything different about me, and the humans say they aren’t too expensive. I like lots of different foods in jelly as long as they’re for older cats, but hate fishy ones – yuk!


So what do I get up to every day?…

I wake up early and have my breakfast with my foster Dad (aka Fad) which times it nicely for a post-breakfast snack when my foster Mum gets up. Then I like to sit on the south facing window ledge in the sun and dream of my new family to work up an appetite for lunch.

I don’t play much these days, but enjoy helping my foster Mum (or Fum as I like to call her) tidy up her wool; she gets it all over. One time I helped her sort out her crocheting ready to sew up. I also play this game where I stretch out over her chair so she can’t fit in it.  AND it was so funny when I hid for hours upstairs, Fum was looking everywhere when I sauntered in for my dinner!

After a day of snoozing on Fum’s big footstool I have my dinner and take my meds, then just lay and watch tv; I quite like the football and dancing programmes.

At about 9pm every night I sit and stare at the door that leads to the stairs, I meow a bit but they won’t let me go up….I wonder what’s up there, hmmm.

Could you be my family?… 

I’m really shy and get used to adults who visit regularly but don’t like the small boy that visits, even though he sits in front of my bed and strokes me very gently. I don’t scratch but I squash myself to the back of my teepee bed so no one can see me. 

I’m an only cat and love it.

I don’t like it when the neighbours cats visit Fum’s garden and try to make a fuss so they go away.   I don’t like sitting on laps but a good snuggle next to you or even visitors once I’ve got to know them is great because I love head rubs. 

I’m very well behaved and don’t scratch the furniture, or even moult really, which is why I’m allowed on the chair and sofa

I’ve always been an indoor cat but like looking out of windows, love company, regular meals and snacks.  It would be so lovely if my new family was home a lot with me. 

Even though I can jump up on worktops, I don’t really do that now ‘cos my foster family are really good at tidying the food away. That nice Eric the vet says I can only have MY food; “no scraps or biscuits”, but that’s fine by me –  Fum’s hobby now is buying every variety of senior cat food she can. I have my meds every 12 hours which keep me well.

Well, think I’m ready for some lunch…..bye for now. Lux X

If you think you could offer our special girl Lux a home please fill in an ‘enquire about me form’.

If you can’t offer Lux a home please share her story far and wide on social media, and download her poster to display at work, on a local community notice board, cafe, pub or shop – together we can make sure Lux doesn’t spend another year without a family of her very own.


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