Jack’s adventure

Jack’s adventure

From start to my happy ever after wherever that may be…

Hello, my name is Jack.

 I arrived in rescue on Friday the 13th of July (unlucky for some but not me). When I started telling everybody here at Rain my adventure’s they suggested I did a blog and let everybody know how my life ended up here. And where it’s going to take me next. So, every week I’m going to write a blog with some help from my new buddies, so you can follow my adventures too. I’m going to give you a rundown of how I ended up here in the first place and I’ll keep it brief.

 I am a 9-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I can’t remember all the way back to being a pup, so I will just start from where I remember. I used to live on the streets, I never really had a home, but I did have a friend and he lived on the streets with me too, he was a human. I spent every waking minute with him, and I loved him. We would cuddle up at night when it was cold, and he would always share the little food he had with me.

One day he got poorly and had to go into hospital. As they came to take him away, he asked the people to make sure I was looked after, but unfortunately that didn’t quite work out. I stayed on the streets with some of my friend’s buddies.

 It was OK at first but then one night it all went wrong. There was some trouble, and it was all very frightening. I don’t really know what happened as I am a dog and don’t always understand you humans. There was lots of noise and scuffling, and I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I remember barking and joined in with the noise and then some woman grabbed me, I didn’t know why and was so confused I bit her. I didn’t mean to I was just so scared.

I found out later it was the nice policewomen who would come and say hi to me and give me fuss. I really didn’t mean to bite her; I would never hurt her. It was a soft bite, but it was just that I realised too late to stop myself.  Anyway, I was then taken to police kennels and kept under the Dangerous dog’s act and was told I would be assessed and then I would have to go to court. The kennels were ok, but I missed my friend. I don’t even know if he knows what happened to me, I just know he has left me.

 They had me tested to see if I was “Pitbull Type”?? If they had asked me, I could have saved them some time and told them I wasn’t, but they never asked. That test came back as I was not “type”, surprise, surprise , and then they tested my behaviour to see if I was a dangerous dog, again if they had asked, I could have told them, I am not a dangerous dog, I love humans. And sure enough that is what their test said too. So, I just had to sit it out and wait for my court date. I didn’t even know what Court was! I sat and waited and waited for 18 months and they never really told me anything.

Then last week there was a buzz in the kennel’s that I was going to go to Rain Rescue. I didn’t know what that was, but the humans seemed happy about it and said I was lucky to be going there. I was transferred by a lovely policeman who took me on a long drive and then I arrived at Rain Rescue. Everyone came to meet me in the carpark and offered me some sausage, but I was too stressed to eat, I didn’t know what was going to happen and I was a little unsure. They said they would show me to my room and Bow Wow!  Was I impressed. It was a big spacious room and had a bed with comfy warm blankets and a bowl of food and fresh water, and a big brown thing in the corner. I now know it’s a sofa, it took me a few days to work it out, but now I love sleeping on it.

 I am starting to settle in now and enjoying my new life. I have been going for walks in the “Big Field” as they call it and I just love it. Today Uncle Steve built me my own pen on the grass outside so I can watch everyone busy working. This evening I even had my dinner alfresco as it was such a nice night.

They tell me I am in need of some dental work and to be honest I agree with them my teeth are a little sore, but they have said they will let me settle in first. I do think I have landed on my feet here and that is why I am writing this blog. I have so much more to tell you about my past life and I can fill you in on all the new and exciting things I get up to at Rain Rescue.

 I have been told you can follow my blog, so don’t miss the next instalment. The guys at Rain are filling in the gaps for me so I can piece it all together, but for now I would just like to relax and unwind in my wonderful new home.

 My sofa is calling me. I will speak to you all next week.