Buy a Deluxe Scratching Post for a Centre Cat


Buy a Deluxe Scratching Post for a Centre Cat

Your donation will give a cat in our care its own scratch post so no smells of other cats.   We love to give the cats here something that will be their own and a scratch post is the perfect gift.

Catteries can be stressful for some cats so here at Rain Rescue we ensure that our cats have the very best care whilst they wait for their new homes.

Cats have a innate need to scratch and so, providing a scratcher is a vital way of doing this and ensuring the needs of the cat are met to keep them happy.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another item that we are in need of. We treat all purchases of wishlist items as donations and will spend the money where the need is greatest to helps us to provide our animals with the best care possible. No returns or refunds are available on wishlist items.

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