‘Under the Moon of Love’ Martingale Collar

£21.00 Inc Tax

Collar with the adorable design ‘Under The Moon of Love’ design in white created by Jane Wren https://www.facebook.com/janewrenartwork

This is a MARTINGALE collar Max circumference 50cm x 5cm depth

A full Martingale is a traditional collar for Sighthounds and the design covers the full circumference. Whereas a reduced Martingale is closed with 25mm webbing which results in less bulk at the front of the neck. If you have a skittish dog I would recommend the full Martingale over the reduced.

Collars and leads are sold to raise funds here at Rain, as we take many ex-racing greyhounds off the tracks and find them lovely new homes. 

You can see some of our greyhounds wearing our fabulous collars here www.rainrescue.co.uk/dogs.

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