Rain Rescue backs campaign to stop “pet fishing”

Rain Rescue backs campaign to stop “pet fishing”

Rain Rescue backs the campaign to warn prospective pet owners against being “pet fished” …
Vets, charities and animal-loving celebrities have joined forces with a government campaign to warn prospective pet owners against unknowingly buying puppies, kittens, cats and dogs from unscrupulous sellers amid a rise in demand for pets since lockdown.

British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) President Ian Ramset said: “Vets are continuing to see many owners who have been sold very sick puppies by unscrupulous dealers simply because new owners have not researched the seller before buying their pet. As a result, vets see first-hand the distress and upset this can cause owners. We would urge anyone thinking of buying a puppy or kitten to check their pet is coming from a responsible seller before making a decision to buy.”

To avoid being Petfished, the public are being urged to spot vital red flags when researching sellers with the acronym S.P.O.T

Seller – put the seller’s name and phone number into a search engine – avoid those with multiple adverts

Parent – make sure you see puppies and kittens in their home with their mother

Old enough – check puppies and kittens are at least 8 weeks old before you take them home

Treatment – ask to see the anima’s health records and avoid sellers who can’t provide them.

Read the full article here : https://www.companionlife.co.uk/vets-and-celebrities-warn-against-cruel-and-opportunist-lockdown-pet-sellers

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