COVID-19 Update


So as government advice has continued this week we’ve continued to review what we do here at Rain Rescue and of course will do so over the coming weeks – who knows what lies ahead but one thing that remains the same is our absolute dedication to the animals in our care. Our number one priority is ensuring they get everything they need and that we weather this storm to be there for their future and others who need us.

We for the time being are continuing to do adoptions but stress that as always here at Rain Rescue they are by appointment only and that we expect this may change in the coming days as we perhaps head for a full lockdown of the country. If adoptions stop, intake stops – some we fear the most as what will happen to our strays. I don’t think I can actually let the thoughts creep into my mind as I need to stay strong.

No unplanned visitors will be allowed on site. Appointments will be asked to confirm you they are fit and well before attending and that no one in the home or that you have close contact with is classed as vulnerable. Strict on site hygiene protocols must be followed. Deliveries of donations and goods should be left at our gates.

In addition we ask every one to be patient with us as a team at this time. We have taken the difficult steps to implement home working for as many of us as possible but of course our welfare staff and volunteers can not – though we are reducing how many people we have on site at any one time and they are being asked to work 2m apart and again follow even stricter hygiene and social distancing protocols. Thank you to those who have offered to volunteer but sadly there is no practical way for us to induct you safely at this time. We are considering fosterers on an individual basis as we know they may be essential to get through this busy period, but we ask anyone offering to have carefully considered all that this involves. Fostering is not easy and requires HUGE dedication and commitment.

There is no doubt that tough times are ahead of us both in running the rescue but also funding it. Before this pandemic we were already struggling, we’d mentioned it here and there but we had a plan – a plan that we’ve now had to throw in the bin as we can’t do any of the planned activities or events we wanted to. We are of course changing things up and trying to come up with new ways of fundraising but we are going to need your support over the next few months if we are to survive.

I hope this gives you all a little insight to where we are at. It’s been a tough week, we’ve had some happy moments through it and I want to say the HUGEST of thank you’s to our staff and volunteer team who have been just the most amazing bunch – they’ve kept calm and carried on despite everything that is happening both here at Rain and personally, and to our fellow rescuers what an amazing bunch you all are thank you to those who have advised us over the last couple of weeks, we are so grateful for your support. Knowing we have you in our corner means the world. Association of Dogs & Cats Homes

To everyone, stay safe and we will get through this together.

Lauren, Deputy Charity Manager.

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