Our Rescue Centre Is Full!

Sometimes it’s the right thing to do, find a new home for a cat. Can we help?

We are unable to accept any further requests to rehome pets and strays until further notice.

We are facing unprecedented pressure to help the cats and dogs in our local community, and currently have 70+ animals in our care and simply cannot take in any more. 

We are a small team who try our best every day to help wherever we can, and have not made this decision lightly.

If you need help rehoming your pet, then please consider rehoming privately, via

You can contact other rescues in your local area to see if they can help, but we are aware that all rescues are under the same immense pressure as us at this time.

We wish you all the best and hope that you find the solution you are looking for.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Request to Rehome

Here at Rain Rescue, we are dedicated to helping the animals who need us most. We will support you in making the tough decision to rehome your cat and never pass judgement. If you need to rehome your cat, then please complete the request to rehome form below and one of our experienced team will be in touch shortly to see how we can help.


We are a small, local centre and work closely with each cat to help them find their ideal new home as soon as possible. Therefore, we operate a waiting list and ask that you contact us at the earliest possible opportunity. The time it takes to secure a rescue space is dependant on both the urgency of need and the available space at our centre.

Don’t abandon your pet

Please don’t abandon your pet, it can be extremely dangerous and leaves their fate unknown. It also means that they may enter a rescue with no history, making it even harder to find them a loving home. NEVER advertise your pet as free to a good home.