Still here, still saving lives, still need you!

Still here, still saving lives, still need you!

Milo – new arrival!

The Rain Rescue team and the dogs and cats that we care for wanted to take the time to say a huge THANK YOU to you for supporting us through the current crisis. Your gifts have helped us to keep going in some very uncertain times. We are still here, still saving lives, and we still need you!

Thankfully for the animals at Rain Rescue, they are completely oblivious to the crisis unfolding around the globe, they’re just enjoying extra playtime in the paddocks and heaps of toys and treats from our amazing welfare team. 

We’re still committed to caring for the most vulnerable pets in our local communities, like Milo pictured here, who came in last week when his owner was being evicted from their home. When he arrived he wasn’t in the best condition with an out of control flea infestation that had led to allergies, he had bald patches and bites all down his back. We made sure he was treated straight away and he’s already looking and feeling much better. He will be looking for a new home really soon!

We knew as we entered this pandemic that there would be a knock on affect to animal welfare in so many ways, one being we were almost certain that we’d be asked to help care for pets left behind as people passed away from this horrible virus. Just a day into lockdown and we were already providing care for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier whose owner developed symptoms of COVID. Thankfully he recovered and was able to be reunited with his best friend.

These little good news stories really lift our spirits as we face the realities of running our rescue in testing times. The reality is that our finances are really stretched, and we’re worried about the future of Rain Rescue and the stray, abandoned and unwanted pets that we care for.

For cats Chamberlain and Ronnie they weren’t so lucky, they are now with us and looking for new homes that will love them as much as they are accustomed to as their owners were not so lucky. Along with Tiggy who’s owner has also passed away recently and finds herself at 14 years old starting a new chapter of her life. Steven is just one of many ex racing Greyhounds we help as they finish life on the tracks – we’ve got 4 more due in this week! 

Rain always strives to be there to support those most at need in our community and now more than ever we know we have to fight to survive this ordeal as a rescue to ensure we can be there for those pets and their owners who so desperately need us both now and long into the future. We can only do this thanks to your support!

We have been really blown away by the support of our volunteers and donors, it’s because of you that we can continue through the crisis. We have received lots of enquiries from people asking how they can make a regular donation. It’s so simple and will help ensure the survival of Rain Rescue so we can continue saving pets from crisis situations long into the future.

Simply visit and choose ‘monthly donation’.

A £5 donation will buy a box of kitten food to help our litters grow strong and healthy.
A donation of £10 will buy a dog or cat a vital vaccination against deadly diseases.
£25 a month will provide the dogs in our care with enrichment, fun toys, activities and aids to ensure that their time in kennels is as stress free as possible.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for the Rain Rescue dogs and cats, it’s fantastic to have you as part of the Rain team, caring for some of the most vulnerable pets in South Yorkshire.