Thank you welfare team

Thank you welfare team

A massive shout out to Sarah, Vykki and Claire who are holding the Rain Rescue fort right now. No one could ever have foreseen this pandemic and the profound affect it would have on everyone’s lives, as well as Rain Rescue as a charity.

Despite many workers in the UK being told to stay home we must ensure our animals are cared for every single day, so for some of our team this just isn’t possible. In order to ensure the cats and dogs in our care receive everything they need our welfare staff and amazing volunteers are still on site every day.

Their days are very different to normal because they’re working in isolation/social distancing, with just one person in the kennels, one in the cattery and another where needed in between. No group meetings, no group lunches, no paired walks. Just a wave from one end of the carpark to the other. The hardest part. No animals in, no animals out – I can’t tell you how upsetting that is for all of us here at Rain Rescue, but especially for our front line welfare team. All this on top of their own personal situations.

Thank you to all three of you.

Thank you to our amazing welfare volunteers.