The difference between kennels and a home.

Ex-racer Bailey joined us in July. He has been racing for a long time and somewhere in that time, he’s been scared.  He is the most scared greyhound that we’ve ever met.  Scared of open spaces, scared of people (especially men), scared of doorways, scared of just about anything and everything, yet never once has he shown us any aggression.

He’s safe here at Rain, but although he’s safe he is still scared.  We’ve been desperately trying to find him the right home. A home where he isn’t frightened and where people will let him slowly build his own trust again. 

That’s where our fabulous fosterers come in. A lovely offer came forward to give him a foster home, and the change began. Very slowly, but surely, he’s started to trust his foster family. Now he likes nothing more than being safe behind his window pane, watching the world go by. 

Fosterers are invaluable to us. The word ‘Thank you’ never quite seems enough as they can, and so often do change lives. We can’t thank Bailey’s foster family enough for giving him a chance at trusting people again. 

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If you think you could give Bailey the perfect forever home and help him to live his best life, feeling safe – click on his image to visit his profile page. Thank you ????

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