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Before I can leave the rescue centre, I need to recover from surgery!

I’ve lived with a painful dislocated hip for 2 long years now, but my hip dislocated by moving upwards – not sideward which is the usual way.
I underwent a hip surgery called FHNE on 16th March to take away my pain and allow my hip to move back to a normal position. I’m slowly recovering and being ever so brave. I am learning to put weight back on my leg/hip, and the kind staff at Rain are encouraging me to walk normally on my leg to rebuild my muscle strength.
I need lots of rest and TLC for a while whilst I recover….
Then I can look for my forever home – I can’t wait!

Please will you help pay for the cost of my surgery and recovery care?

Thank You SO Much!

Paddy xxxx

Just after his surgery

Gentle exercise

What are the costs to get me better?

Please donate to Paddy

Without your support - Paddy will have to stay with us.

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Any surplus money raised over and above Paddy’s target will go towards items like a soft bed that he’ll need, his general care from our Welfare Team and support in finding his Foster family and forever home.

Paddy says "Thank you SO much!

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