We need you now more than ever…

Please give urgently today, we need you now more than ever…

To date, Wednesday 25 March 2020, we’ve welcomed 105 animals through our gates since the start of this year. Cats and dogs that have been abandoned, suffered neglect or were much loved pets that needed a new home due to their owners facing financial difficulties or terminal illness. 

We are doing everything we can here at Rain Rescue to play our part to flatten the curve and to help fight this situation we all face with Coronavirus (Covid-19) from getting any worse, but the reality is, as a small charity, this is already testing our survival to be able to carry on

Our welfare team can’t work from home. They work 9-10 hour days to care for the most vulnerable cats and dogs in our region.

Further to the Prime Ministers announcement on 23 March 2020. We put the following measures in place, with immediate effect

  • All adoptions have been stopped for at least the next few weeks.
  • Our non-welfare staff are now working from home.
  • Only volunteers providing essential support to animal welfare will be allowed on site, providing they are fit and well and feel comfortable to help.
  • Only welfare staff will be permitted to carry out essential travel to work and travel for emergency vet visits.

We want to be there for those vulnerable animals, life has already abandoned them once, we must continue to survive as a charity so we can fight for them. To provide food to the once starving stray dog, safety for the Mum cat and her kittens thrown out and left to fend for themselves, treatment for the sick and injured and all the while give them the love and understanding they deserve. They need us now more than ever.

We need you now more than ever!

We don’t receive any government funding, and our planned fundraising activity and events have had to be cancelled, as are all events across the UK.

We appeal to you today to please continue to support our work in the months ahead in whatever way you can. 

To make a donation now please visit our Just Giving Appeal page


To buy a gift for one of our animals in need please visit


For other ways to support please visit

There is a lot of uncertainty ahead for us all and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your thoughts and support during these difficult weeks and months ahead. We can’t survive without you.

Stay safe.

Rain Rescue x


Help a cat or DOg at the centre

When you buy an item from the Rain Rescue Wish list it will be delivered directly to the rescue centre for the cats and dogs in our care. Pick from toys, treats, food, litter, bedding, cleaning supplies and other useful items. It’s a great way to donate, thank you.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another we are in need of. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest.