What A Year…

With 2020 in full swing we wanted to take this moment to reflect on 2019 and celebrate the 170 adoptions and many more lives you saved by supporting Rain Rescue.  Every donation, like and share on social media, poster displayed, minute spent volunteering, and home given has made this possible.  From the bottom of our hearts….Thank you!

So here they are, each and every cat and dog of 2019:

Sox, Sky, Strauss, Holly, Minstrel, Felix, Dotty, Molly, Jerry, Marble, Frankie, Mooch, Sooty, Jessie, Ebony, Lux , Pookie, Woody, Twila, Gizmo, Tia, Betty, Jellybean , Elvis, Monica, Chandler, Maisie, Rory, Flump, Wendy, Nayla, Rainbow, Luna, Milly, Tilly, Molly, Matilda, Castrol, Theo, Edwin, Mouse, Mickey, Bridie, Millie, Kitty, Ruby, Trixie, Bella, Bella kit 4, Blake, Phoebe, Wendy Kit 4, Wendy Kit 3, Rosie, Fenella, Wendy Kit 5, Katie, Rey, William, Elsa, Smudge, Peanut, Cashew, Hazel, Pecan, Almond, Margo, Derek, Mavis, Freddie, Flopsy, Cotton Tail, Josephine, Mopsy, Tommy, Sooty, Oliver, Amber, Betty, Buffy, Kitney Spears, Bamboo, Bree, Baloo, Cookie, David Meowie, Clara, Cosmo, Crumble, Cricket, Chops, Smokey, Polly, Stanley, Laurel, Rupert, Dory, Domino, Donut, Dumpling, Dorito, Dewberry, Eggbert, Ethel, Eric, Edwina, Fay, Georgina, Fifi, Felicity, Barry, Hercules Oreo, Cake, Jaffa, Clementine, Maureen, Danni, Kylie, Little Man, Iris, Isaac , Indigo, Idris, Ingrid, Jasmine, Kiwi, Koko, Kiki, Dora, Luna, Minerva, Juliette, Jazzy, Jeff, Billy, Lollipop, Lasagne, Lettuce, Lentil, Linguine, Batman, Robin, Dotty, Smokey, Taco, Magic, Reggie, Mow Mow, Merlin, Thundercat, Malachi, Nina, Nugget, RRR 7, Pumpkin, RRR 9, RRR 3, RRR 2, RRR 5, RRR 4, RRR 11, RRR 6, Autumn, Maple, RRR 8, RRR 1, RRR 10, RRR 29, RRR 13, RRR 25, Lulu Kitten, RRR 27, Mitzi, RRR 22, Lulu Kitten, RRR 19, RRR 20, RRR 14, RRR 16, Lily, RRR 28, RRR 24, Lulu Kitten, RRR 12, RRR 23, Lulu Kitten, RRR 17, Langley, RRR 18, Penny, RRR 15, RRR 21, Lulu, RRR 26, Lulu Kitten, Godric, Midge, Boo, Sabrina, Blair, Olga, Orla, Olivia, Sprout, Cher, Sonny, Fred, Wilma, Gloria, Midnight, Palmer, Tom, Pepper, Perry, Paisley, KitKat, Simba, Tink, Splodge, Rocketman, Jude, Basil, Lucky, Rose, Blue, Diva , Sassy, Frosty, Blizzard, Winter, Zorro

Tia, Winnie, Zippy, Teddy, Anna, Billy, Cybil, Harvey, Bess, Noel, Katie, Edna, Hugo, Amo, Miyagi, Billy, Sam, Ethel, Cuthbert, Leo, Gus, Lily, Ruby, Stella, Beryl, Sy, Madge, Una, Eira, Rosa, Frayda, Bella, Yogi, Lexie, Candy, Dudley, Roxy, Leia, Yoda, Billy, Rupert, Robyn, Tilly, Tiggy, Jemima, Elton, Dave, Florence, Lady, Tramp, , Fizz, Bob, Kia, Carol, Barney, Lennon, Nutmeg, Slinky Terrence, Bertha, Brenda, Lexi, Koda, Hector, Tallulah, Winnie, Buzz, India, Flossy, Una, Vera, Jack, Norbert, Elvis, Richard, Mouse , Nora, Ace, Babs, Kaizer, Gizmo, Emily, Diesel, Daisy, Wayne, Melvin, Mia, Shadow, Tulip, Roger, Elsa, Ada, Spider, Buffy, Luna, Paddy, Babel, Bram, Glinda, Rebble, Jax, Patch, Fleur, Alvin, Unnamed Crossbreed, Gilbert, Unnamed Crossbreed 2, Jerry, Old Tyme, Willow, Leon, Jolene, Roxy, George, Lillie, Frank, Tim, Pixie, Biscuit, Daisy, Matilda, Oliver, Buddy, Steven and Ceri.

Help a cat or DOg at the centre

When you buy an item from the Rain Rescue Wish list it will be delivered directly to the rescue centre for the cats and dogs in our care. Pick from toys, treats, food, litter, bedding, cleaning supplies and other useful items. It’s a great way to donate, thank you.

Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another we are in need of. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest.