why adopt
a dog from us

Adopting a Rain Rescue dog will transform their life, giving your new companion the chance to thrive as you welcome more love into your family. What’s more, by adopting from us, you’ll make it possible for us to help another dog by freeing up a space at our rescue centre.

Finding your ideal match

We have many years of experience matching the ideal dogs to their new, loving families. When you enquire, we will ask some questions about your lifestyle, expectations and preferences, whilst also considering each dog’s individual temperament and needs.

Examples of matches:

A gentle senior dog may prefer a calm and quiet household

A puppy may prefer a family home with lots of play and adventures

A behaviourally challenging dog may prefer an experienced owner with lots of time and energy to offer

Life at our rescue centre

Vulnerable dogs of all shapes and sizes come into our care for a variety of reasons. It can be a difficult transition for them, leaving their old life behind and adjusting to their new kennel, people, other dogs, smells and a change of routine. We work hard to keep our kennels calm and comfortable, offering our dogs compassion, consistency and enrichment. Despite our best efforts, a rescue centre can still be a scary and confusing place for dogs and it’s up to us to lovingly support them through this transition, as they eagerly await their new home.

Why adopt from Rain Rescue?

We are proud to offer:

Adoption Fee – What’s Included?

We kindly ask for a £250 – £350 adoption fee. (Each dogs’ specific adoption fee is stated on their website profile.) This helps to partly cover the cost of your dogs’ rescue and rehabilitation, which usually includes the following:

(Prices are estimates)

Best of all, by adopting a Rain Rescue cat you’ll get that fantastic feeling of knowing you have saved the life of an animal in crisis. What are you waiting for?