The XL Bully Ban

Our dedication to animal welfare extends to every breed and every furry friend in need, so we would like to address the upcoming ban on XL Bullies imposed by the UK Government.

XL Bullies are important members of countless families across the nation. However, recent government plans threaten to disrupt the lives of both these beloved pets and their owners.

The Dogs Trust are giving support to people with dogs that may come under this classificaiton.  We urge you to follow their guidance and keep up to date with all information and what they advise you to do.  Insurance is mandatory for these dogs, and you will probably NOT get insurance once this is in force, and urge all owners to insure their dogs.

This is the Govt. definition

The abruptness of this decision has left many pet owners in a state of unease and uncertainty. With little time for preparation and crucial details about exemptions yet to be disclosed, many owners are understandably distressed.

We urge every pet lover, supporter, and concerned citizen to take action. Contact your local MP, voice your concerns, and stand with us to safeguard the welfare of XL Bullies and their families.

Use this link to contact your MP.

At Rain Rescue, we believe in informed decisions that prioritise the well-being of animals. Let’s work together to ensure a fair and compassionate approach for XL Bullies, allowing them to continue being the cherished companions they are.

See RSPCA’s article with more information about the XL Bully Ban –



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