A message from our founder “Today has been a hard day …”

Today has been a hard day – in the last 2 days, we have taken in 4 cats and 2 dogs as well as rehoming 1 cat and 2 kittens & 3 vet trips. We now have 50 dogs and cats being paid for and cared by Rain tonight.So I had to share this with you. Eli is one we could say YES to, and that we could help Eli is the reason why I work in rescue. Through so many ups and downs and horrible days, knowing that we could say YES to helping him, makes it bare-able.Eli has lived with his dad for the last 9 years. Sadly, dad could no longer care for Eli, and if we couldn’t take him, he had nowhere to go but a one way trip to the vets. When we heard it was an 11 year old GSD I was dubious? They are normally on their last legs at 8 or 9 but 11?

Then Eli bounced out of the car. Yes, he’s stressed and missed his dad but when the vet checked him over, he did have lumps but they were just cysts – and other than that – he loves the field, he loves his tea and he loves us. Tonight Eli is safe, he’s warm, he has a thick bed, and he’s fed. Tomorrow he will start to look for his new home whilst he gets flea’d and wormed and groomed.Tomorrow is a new day for Eli and for me – because tomorrow, I know I can face another day.Thank you all for supporting our wonderful charity as we say “YES” to Eli. Come on in!!! Your £2.00 helps us keep on saying “YES”.

Jacquie x

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