Behind the Scenes…

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes here?

I thought I’d give you just a little insight into what goes into helping the thousands of pets that come into our care.

In 2020 we helped 404. Each averaging 30 days of care either at the centre or in a foster home. Thats 12,120 days and nights of care. From our small but active team.

Already in 2021 we have given 493 days of care to 33 dogs and cats:-

Let me share with you just a little of what the team do:–

We listen to the story or reason why people need help and work out the best solution

Collect the dog or cat from their current situation

Make up a nice bed thats suitable and safe for them

Work out and twice daily give, the right type and amount of food that they need

Give the dogs a new nice fitting collar and id tag and register both dogs and cats for their microchip to Rain Rescue

Give them an initial health check prior to the vets, and take to the vets any poorly or urgent cases

Take them to the vets for their proper health check and start their vaccinations as necessary

Provide daily medication and nursing as advised by the vet

Clean their cat pen out during the day and making sure they have just the right amount and type of toys and cuddles that they need

Take the dogs out for daily walks, toilet breaks, companionship, games and stimulation

Clean their kennels and giving fresh water and make their blankets and bed just right for them every day

Behaviourally assess both dogs and cats to see who the sort of new home they will need

Book into the vets and take for surgery or neutering and provide after care as needed

Chat over with foster homes, if thats the right move for this pet

Deliver them to fosterers along with all the food and litter as needed

Read all the applications that come through trying to find just the right match for this dog or cat

Talk to the new owners, advising and assessing both the cat or dogs needs to ensure they match up with the new family’s needs

Deliver to their new home (Due to the restrictions of Covid, we can’t invite families to site) so try super hard to get the match right. Always being there for the pet if it doesn’t work out

Update all the information to the new owner to make sure microchip and vet details are correct.

Follow up with a call and catch up to make sure all is ok

Repeat … x 1,000’s


Meet 2 of our kennel team, Zoe and Steph and 2 of our cattery team Janice and Jackie.

4 of the teams that carry all of this out (and more) throughout all of the Covid – and they keep on smiling.

So – please bare with them – its often a busy day

Zoe, our Kennel Supervisor
Janice one of our onsite cattery team
Jackie one of our onsite cattery team


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Please note: If we are oversubscribed on a particular item we may substitute for another we are in need of. Your gift will be used where the need is greatest.

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