CHARLIE’s our 180th pet this year

CHARLIE’s our 180th pet this year

As we have gone through a hard 6 months, we look back at the numbers.

Rain Rescue have taken into their 140 cats and 40 dogs – all that were in need of a lifeline to prevent them being homeless, or that were already homeless.

Charlie celebrates tonight with a game of football – being safe in our care tonight, waiting for that fun home to come along and find her.

Just because a dog or cat has ended up in a rescue centre, doesn’t mean they have problems, nor does it mean they have failed. It just means that it wasn’t right for them first time around. Rain Rescue is here – to help them find their new great home – 2nd time around.

We are always looking for great homes – and we have done this year – with 154 adoptions. (Some will have been reclaimed, some transferred, some died and some still in care looking for new homes).