Can you get your steps up for Rain Rescue?

With fun boxsets a plenty and the pull to pyjamas so strong, keeping fit is certainly tricky. So, we thought it would be fun to set a fundraising challenge all around keeping your step count up. You can use your daily solo exercise AND keep that energy flowing inside too; it’s not about speed or distance, just making sure you get your steps in each day.

We’re asking you to join one of our teams, gather sponsorship from your family and friends, and for the next 5 days keep your steps up for Rain Rescue.

Whether you’d like a smaller challenge or something more substantial we have a step challenge for you. So go get your daily solo exercise, pop on an exercise video, jump about to your favourite song or simply take an extra trip up and down the stairs.

Let’s keep fit, have fun and raise some money to help the cats and dogs at Rain Rescue.

How it works
  • Pick your doggy team mate
    Whether you’re a Patch, Steven or Mufasa our daily challenges of 2,000, 5,000 & 10,000 steps each day mean that whatever your fitness level you can still join in the fun. We’re asking you to take on our step up challenge across 5 consecutive days, so if you’re team Patch by the end of your challenge you will have done 10,000+ steps. You can do more than your daily step target, but to gain your certificate at the end, you can’t do less.
  • Register for our ‘step up’ challenge and download your step tracker sheet
    Simply click on your doggy team mate above this section and follow the easy registration process. It’s £15 to register which we’ll put towards a group total you can track here:
  • Why not gather sponsors?
    We have a group JustGiving page but you can also go that extra distance by setting up your own page through our Step Up Campaign, so your friends and family can sponsor you for taking on your step up challenge. You can set your own personal target, upload pictures and share to your social media. Every penny we raise will help provide essential care for the cats and dogs at Rain Rescue.
  • Take on your challenge and get your steps up for the next 5 days, recording them on your tracker sheet
    Whether you use your step counter on your phone, a fitness watch or pedometer it all ‘counts’. On registration you will be sent a link to download our Step Tracker Sheet, so you can record how well you’ve done at the end of each day.
  • Share your pictures
    Dancing in the kitchen, walking your dog on your daily solo exercise or stepping it in front of the telly – grab a photo, because we’d love to see how you get your steps in each day. Tag Rain Rescue on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and we’ll try our best to share your pictures to our stories and highlights. You can also add your picture to the team hashtags on Twitter & Instagram by using #TeamPatch, #TeamSteven and #TeamMufasa in your post. Why not search them too and see what others in your team are doing.
  • Get in touch
    Once your 5 days are up and you’ve successfully completed your challenge please email to let us know. We’ll send you a downloadable certificate to celebrate you becoming a star stepper and doing something amazing to help the animals at Rain Rescue. Don’t forget to display on your social media and share with your family and friends.
Will you step up to the challenge?