cat adoption

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about adopting a cat from us.

Can I come and look at your animals?

We are currently a closed shelter working on an appointment only basis. You can enquire about any cat you are interested in through our website. We can then schedule an appointment for you to meet and get to know your new cat at the shelter.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Our adoption fee for an adult cat is usually £125, and for kittens, it is £175.

Prices can differ depending on the individual cat and will always be shown on each cat’s website profile.


On average, the cost of rescue, care and rehabilitation is greater than the adoption fee we ask for.

Can I reserve a cat for adoption?

After a successful meet and greet, if for some reason you cannot take your new addition home straight away, then we will take a £50 reservation fee which will hold the cat for a maximum of 7 days. The collection date must be arranged at the time of the initial visit. After the 7 days, the cat will be rehomed to the next suitable home and your deposit can either be carried onto another suitable cat or will be lost. The deposit is non-refundable due to the expenses of keeping the cat in our care. 

In cases where cats are undergoing medical treatment, the supervisor may agree to hold a reservation for longer at their discretion.
If reserving a kitten, the reservation fee will be held until the agreed adoption date at 9 weeks of age.

How long does the cat adoption process take?

It’s dependent on your current circumstances and the needs of the cat that you are interested in. In some circumstances, after the matching discussions and preparations have taken place, you can welcome your cat home that same day. We ask that you are well prepared to receive your new pet. If there are any future changes that could affect your cat, then you may be best to delay your adoption until your home is more settled.


Also, if you can’t get to view, meet or accept your new pet until some days ahead, then they will still be available for adoption to others, and so we advise you to contact the centre to make sure all is well prior to your appointment. We will always keep you updated as best we can.

Will my cat be vaccinated?

Due to COVID, vaccination companies have put a hold on production for numerous reasons. This means that vets across the UK cannot access their usual supply of vaccinations. It is not yet known when the problem will be resolved. Therefore, methods have been put into place to limit
the amount of vaccines used so that every animal can at least receive one vaccination. We have therefore been advised by vaccine manufacturers as a rescue treating hundreds of animals, to ensure every animal receives its first dose of vaccination. Due to this we are providing the 1st vaccine only, and asking new adopters to contact their vets to book the cat in for their second injection. You will need to inform your vet that your cat has been vaccinated using NOBIVAC FELV AND NOBIVAC TRICAT to ensure they stock the same brand of vaccine as it is essential that the same brand is used for the second injection. If none of your local vets use this vaccine, or you don’t get your cat to the vets in time, your cat will require a complete restart of vaccinations. We strongly advise you to contact your vets as soon as you express interest in a cat to plan how you will be able to achieve a complete vaccination course. 

I don't live near you, can I still adopt from Rain Rescue?

Absolutely, as long as you are able to travel to the centre to meet the dog as many times as needed during the adoption process.

I have completed an enquiry form but no one has got back to me?

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours. If you have not had a response to your enquiry in that timescale, please email to confirm that your form has been received.

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